The Unfinished Sonnet project

'Little girl holding plasticine'
Image by Nenad Stojkovic (CC licence 2.0)

On Tuesday 10th October 2023, some of the 16 poets who have responded to my 'Unfinished Sonnet' challenge will be reading their finished sonnets at City Voices in Wolverhampton.

A reminder of the first two and a half lines:

Unfinished Sonnet
by Ros Woolner

She thinks she’s firm. Says Sorry, not tonight.
And he thinks Cool. She just needs softening up –
like plasticine. A little squeeze…

(from Earth Walker, Offa’s Press 2023)

Come and hear some of the unexpected responses! 

There are poems that rhyme and poems that don't, poems set in bedrooms, a restaurant, a hospital ward, a music room and a courtroom. Poems in which he gets his way and poems in which she gets hers, and some in which what the two of them want or don't want is not at all what you might expect!

City Voices
with David Fletcher, Ros Woolner’s ‘Unfinished Sonnets’, Kuli Kohli plus Jeff Phelps who’ll be reading from his first full collection from Offa’s Press, Falling and Flying,

Where: Upstairs at the Lych Gate Tavern, 44, Queen Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1TX

When: Tuesday 10th October 2023, 7.30-9pm

Tickets £5 on the door.


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