About me

I'm Ros Woolner.

I sometimes write poems. I've always loved gardens. And I find writing groups valuable (I am a member of Bilston Writers and Cannon Poets).

My poetry pamphlet, On the Wing, was published by Offa's Press in August 2018 and my first full collection, Earth Walker, was published in May 2023. Many of the poems are about gardens. Both books are available from the Offa's Press shop.

"Ros Woolner can create a myth from a casual remark. This is an intelligent, imaginative collection which explores original and personal experience, while never losing touch with the real world"

(Paul Francis, poet)

"This is a collection of shared secrets and conversational asides, a series of doors opening into colourful, magical worlds. In here, you’ll find council flats and kraken, laundry and skateboards, tea-leaf futures and dreams"
(Steve Pottinger, poet)

The gorgeous paintings on the cover of On the Wing and Earth Walker are by fabulous Wolverhampton artist Clare Wassermann.

When I'm not writing, I work as a translator from German and French (under the name Ros Mendy).

If you'd like to get in touch, you can send me an email



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